11. I jumped to conclusions.

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“Mm-hmm, so that happened. I can’t accept it.”

As always, Zach participates in tea time after training. Recently, it has become common to see three people at that table. Why did he stay after training on this occasion? Well, I wanted to know his opinion about what had happened to me at the Royal Palace.

“Of course not! I was pretty upset with all the people there!”

(Tytte’s angry expression is sooooo cute~.)

“Well, thanks to that I was able to escape my appointment at the Royal Palace… But that’s a thing of the past, I can only thank the criminal for helping me♪”

As I remembered that, I drew a smile on my face and emitted a malevolent aura. My two companions moved back a little when they saw my expression.

“But it’s peculiar…” Zach said with a thoughtful look.

(Oh, did you think of an unconventional idea?)

“What’s wrong?”

“The Royal Palace is within a special barrier. If someone uses ‘attack magic’ the barrier will automatically inform the knights of the individual’s position, or at least that’s what my Father said….”

” I didn’t hear anything about the criminal’s location at the time.” (Tytte)

“No, that wasn’t ‘attack magic’, it was ‘life magic’. That’s why it wasn’t registered in the barrier.” (Mary)

“What, ‘life magic’? But, to generate that amount of water with Tier 1 magic…” (Zach)

“Maybe, they used ‘life magic’ along with a Tier 2 booster spell?” (Tytte)

“Mmm… it’s true that ‘life magic’ would not be recorded by the barrier as it is constantly used inside the Palace, but I don’t think an adult would use such a tactic just to harass you, that would be pathetic…” (Zach)

“Yes, it may be a child our age who is quite skilled with magic… but I don’t know a child like that.” (Mary)

I let out a sigh and had a sip of tea. At that moment, Zach struck his own hand, as if he had thought of something when he heard my words.

“Oh, I know someone who fits that description.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. It’s Magilka Fudurika, she’s the same age as us.”

That was a name I’d never heard before. I guess that was reflected in my face since Tytte came up to me and said.

“The Fudurika Family is a family from which many elite sorcerers have emerged, Lady Magilka’s great-grandfather is known as the ‘Great Sage’ and currently works for the Royal Family as a court magician.

“My Family, the Ericksons, specializes in martial arts, while the Fudurika Family specializes in magic. Both families work for the Royal Family, thanks to that a friendly relationship was established between us. In fact, I have met Magilka several times.”

“Oooh~. You remembered a girl’s name, that means you♪”

(If this battle freak remembers that girl, is it possible…?)

“That’s right! I remember her name because she’s strong!”

(Aaaaaaand, there it is.)

” Well, certainly, it wouldn’t be strange if she were in the Royal Palace and she’s much better than us in magic control, so a feat like that wouldn’t be strange.”

“But why would Lady Fudurika do something like that?”

“That’s not decided yet, Tytte.”

“Yes… I’m sorry.”

“All right, let’s forget about all this! We can’t say for sure who’s responsible.”

“It’s true… Oh?”

When Tytte steps back a little while she lets out a sigh, she realizes that the head maid is calling her and walking towards her. After a short conversation, Tytte’s face turned pale and a bad feeling enveloped my body.

(Something’s wrong.)

But even though I was worried, I managed to remain calm. After they finished talking, the head maid quickly returned to the mansion and Tytte ran to us.

“Ah… Ojousama…”

“You don’t have to say it. Is this another invitation? When should I go?”

I gathered all the courage I needed and asked Tytte about the issue I didn’t want to deal with.

“No, it’s not that. He… he’s coming.”

“Huh? Who?”

“The Prince himself. He’ll be here shortly…”

Zach and I were paralyzed for a moment, cups of tea in our hands, when we learned of that unexpected development. Until a couple of minutes later,

“Well, the tea was delicious. Thank you very much and good luck~!”

It was Zach who reacted first, he stood up and thanked the attention as he always does: but before he could escape, I grabbed him by the shoulder and made him sit again by force.

“Wait a minute, where do you think you’re going? You’ll also wait for the Prince’s visit with me, won’t you?”

“Ouch, ouch, ouch! No, I have nothing to do with it… Why are you so strong?!”

(I don’t mind using a little of my true power if that allows me to get a partner in this urgent situation.)

My delicate fingers pressed harder and harder into Zach’s shoulder.

“Lady Mary, please! All right, all right, I’ll stay, but stop squeeziiiiing!”

Finally, Zach gave up, so I let go and with a more relieved expression I turned to Tytte.

“I have to change my clothes, when exactly will the Prince arrive?”

“Well… I… He’s already here.” Tytte said with tears in the corner of her eyes, while Zach and I looked at each other with a blank expression.

(Whaaaaaaat?! Generally, at times like this, it is customary to send a letter in advance, and arrive later, though. That Prince skipped all procedures!)

Still, I told Tytte that I had to go back to my room to get a little groomed. I also asked another maid to take Zach so he could change into more appropriate clothes. But this was also to make sure Zach didn’t run away.

Aside from us, the hustle and bustle of the servants inside the house was terrible. After all, it was a visit from a member of the Royal Family. It would be a complete humiliation if we could not receive him with the appropriate honors.

Moments later, an elegant carriage pulled by beautiful horses stopped in front of our door.

(He really came… that Prince…)

I dressed as best I could and headed for the entrance while the maids checked for problems.

As I approached the door I was surprised to see Zach, in elegant attire, near me. And though he constantly pulled his collar as if he were nervous, he stayed by my side, I was really glad I had a friend like him.

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