8. I have to do something.

So, Sub-Par Translator said she won’t be translating anymore. However, this novel was quite interesting to me and I didn’t want it to be forgotten. I’m not 100% sure I will keep going. But I will give it a try, enjoy. Here’s is Project Page

When I woke up, I was already back in my room. Looks like I lost consciousness in the middle of the rite. As I stared at the ceiling, there was a knock on the door, and Tytte entered the room.

“Ah, Ojousama. Do you feel any discomfort?”

“Tytte… why am I here?”

I slowly lifted my body and saw her approaching my bed.

“Shortly after the rite ended, you lost consciousness, Ojousama, and were quickly taken to a waiting room. Then I got in touch with the manor and an hour later, your Father, who by the way had a dreadful expression, arrived at the temple followed by a small unit… It was terrifying. It was as if the Lord had become a demon and for a few minutes, I thought he would destroy the entire temple.”

I listened in silence to Tytte’s words and then nodded resignedly. For some reason, I imagined that things would end that way. Then I sighed soundly.

“Here you go.”

While I was feeling somewhat depressed by what had happened, Tytte offered me a fragrant cup of black tea.

“Thank you…”

After receiving the cup, I sipped the brew. This calmed my mind, and I was able to analyze what had happened during the rite.

(I can’t believe it turned out this way. Did you really ignore the fact that I’m the strongest in the world? Well, relax, that only refers to physical strength. My performance during the rite must have been normal, at best…)

I picked up the cup of tea again and drank a little more to calm my nerves.

“Speaking of the ceremony, you were incredible, Ojousama. To think that you would illuminate the whole temple with an intense white light, and not only that, you also broke the crystal ball into millions of pieces.”


When I heard those shocking words, I was terrifyingly close to spitting the tea I had in my mouth, fortunately, my pride as the daughter of a Duke prevented that catastrophe.

“D-Did really brake that treasure?”

“I think so? The people in the temple said that the crystal was compromised after receiving the great magical power from the Prince so when it was your turn, Ojousama, the crystal finally broke. That’s also why your light only lasted a few moments.”

“I wonder if we can pay the compensation…?”

Huge drops of cold sweat began to furrow my forehead and my hand trembled so much that when I grabbed the cup of tea again, I used too much force and ended up cracking it.

“Don’t worry, as you’d expect from a treasure. It was restored right away.”

I was immediately relieved by the words of Tytte, who gently took the broken cup out of my hand.

“Oh… I see, I’m glad…”

“The temple people also mentioned that it is possible that your rite of revelation was not completed, and that another ceremony can be scheduled. What do you wish to do, Ojousama?”

“No, everything’s fine. I could clearly hear the voice of God.”

(In fact, it didn’t go well… What the hell had really happened in there?)

I thought silently as Tytte finished cleaning the broken cup and approached me.

“Is something wrong? Was there a problem with your revelation?”

As expected of my attendant. At a glance, she knew something was wrong. So I decided to tell her about the abilities God had bestowed on me.

“I… believe I possess a cheat-like ability.”

“Cheat-like ability? I’ve never heard that word before.”

“Well, in a nutshell, it’s a foul power that breaks common sense.”

“Oh, my~. That sounds dangerous. Ah, are perhaps you talking about the memories of your past life? Is that your cheat-like ability?”

“I wish it were that…”

At first, she listened attentively with a curious look, but then I could see her face getting increasingly pale.

“Does that mean you’re going to become a legendary hero, Ojousama? Someone like me could not be a hero’s attendant and accompany them on their travels, I would end up becoming a burden.”

I listened to everything she had to say until the end.

“That’s not going to happen. I will continue to enjoy my quiet life with you. I’m sorry I frightened you with the sudden possibility of a life full of dangers.”


Tytte looked at me with a relieved expression and, for some reason, her cheeks blushed.

“More important than that, the problem is the future. I must learn to control this power and hide it. For if it should come to light…”

I quickly embraced my body when it began to tremble. If I wanted to continue my peaceful life, I had to find a way to hide this scandalous fact.

It was the first time I saw an expression of terror as shocking as the one Tytte had a moment ago. That gave me some kind of trauma. I had managed to clear up the misunderstanding on this occasion, but there was no guarantee that I could do it again. Also, from all the mangas and animes I had seen, I knew that people tend to fear things unknown to them, things that go beyond common sense, and try to eliminate them…

When I told Tytte my fears, she hugged me tightly.

“Everything will be all right… Because you have a connection with us. The servants, the Duke, the Duchess, we all love you, Ojousama.”

I could feel how those words took all the fears away from my mind and healed my heart. And I also understood something else. That there is an exception for everything, even for those who fear the unknown.

“Thank you… that gives me the confidence to do something.” I loosened the hands holding me, and freed myself from the embrace. “Tytte, I need to talk to Father and Mother.”

After all, the first thing I have to do is to control my own power as soon as possible. Right now I’m some kind of exposed nuclear bomb, that’s why I have to learn a lot.

A few days later, in addition to the tutor my parents had called to teach me etiquette and history, I was able to convince them to call someone else to teach me martial arts. I also wanted to study magic, but apparently, there is a law that forbids the teaching of magic until the student reaches a certain age.

Fortunately, magical powers could only demonstrate their full power when you learn to control them, so if you don’t know how to use them, it’s basically giving a treasure chest to someone who didn’t have the key to open it*. However, I could not relax too much, as there have been examples of people unconsciously releasing their magical powers…

(Haa~, but I wanted to learn how to cast magic as soon as possible. It’s magic, real magiiiiiic~! It sounds exciting~!)

I was a little disappointed, but I put on the clothes that I commissioned a tailor to make myself, it was quite comfortable and I could move around easily in it. My hair was combed in a ponytail and I finally headed to the courtyard of the manor as today I would have my first lesson with my martial arts teacher.

(Hmm~, I wanted a jersey, but they don’t exist in this world. Next time, I’ll ask the tailor to design one.)

While I was waiting, I started thinking about new clothes to wear.

(Now that I think about it, the person who will teach me martial arts is an old friend of my Father’s, a person who fought beside him on many battlefields when they were young, but will it be all right?)

When I talked to my father about learning martial arts, at first he was very hesitant. “You don’t need to learn that, I’ll take care of you. Besides, what would I do if my princess got hurt? No, no, I have to take good care of you,” he said.,

“You never listen to what I say! I hate you, Father!”

A few minutes after those words escaped my lips, I took them back, because my father’s despair at the time was something I had never seen before. However, it had been worth it, and he reluctantly accepted my request.

“Ojousama, Count Erickson has come to see you.”

Behind Tytte, I could see a grown man, he was muscular, had brown hair and wore knight’s armor. He also had a huge scar in one of his eyes and his face was so frightening that I reflexively corrected my posture.

“I’m sorry I’m late, Lady Mary. But this brat didn’t stop fooling around, so I had to tie him up.”


At that moment, the man drops a blanket tied with ropes in front of me. I could guess that there was a human being inside because I saw part of the head and feet sticking out.

(Huh? What’s going on? How can I deal with this? Help meeee, God~!)

My body stiffened as I thought about what to do next, but then the rope holding the blanket came loose and the contents came out. A boy with tanned skin and reddish brown hair rose from the floor, he seemed to be the same age as me. When I saw his purple eyes, I was shocked. His features were slightly inferior to the Prince, but he also had a good appearance. Without a doubt, this child was beautiful.

“I’d like you to meet my son, Zach.”

(Another handsome guy…? I have a bad feeling about this.)

In my mind, I let out a deep sigh.


The actual sentence read; To cast pearls before swine. But I thought it sounded somewhat rude. Let me know if I should change it back.

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22 thoughts on “8. I have to do something.

  1. Thanks for picking up the series, even if it’s just temporary! I hope you stick with it, and I appreciate your work! Also, I’m familiar enough with the saying pearls before swine, but I don’t mind either expression.


  2. Thanks for translate this novel

    I have to read it from original japanese site with google translator

    Now i am glad i can read a better one ^^


  3. — Thanks for taking this on!! Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

    Well, if you can’t continue, just include a note on top of the last chapter you’ll do, so that it will be easy to know.
    Good luck and thank you very much for continuing this!!


  4. I hope that there isn’t any romance, and if there is, it is one sided or yuri. I really enjoy novels from a female’s perspective, but I try to stay away from romance, because I just find it uncomfortable to read when a female MC is blushing and in love with a male side character.

    Also, this teacher guy, bringing his son with him when he is coming to train a girl in a very high position of power, is he trying to set up young love between his son and the MC for his own benefit? Also, why would he bring his son who apparently fools around so much that he needs to be tied up when he is coming to train her?

    This is just a side note, but I hope she breaks the boy’s arms, because I can already predict he’s going to be a bit of an ass at the start.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  5. Thanks for the Chapter!

    I just finished reading all Chapters release by Subpar.
    I’m curious about her future daily life. LoL


  6. “Pearls before swine” isn’t offensive, it’s a fairly common idiom so you don’t need to edit it out. Your interpretation of it was fine though so no pressure. This is well done, I know how much work translating takes so just know that we, the readers do appreciate it. Thank you.


  7. Thanks for picking this up.
    The Google translated raws I’ve been reading were turning my mind into spaghetti.


  8. Thank you so much for continuing this series and translating this story I love it so much and can’t get enough of it.

    I am so happy that it is back.



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